April talks about the song: ?It?s a song written by Wayne Rostad who is from the Ottawa Valley. He?s a singer, TV personality, songwriter, a great guy. He actually wrote this song to appear on a compilation of Christmas songs that he put out as a fundraiser for the local children?s hospital, CHEO Children?s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. They put it on the first issue, and it became an annual release. Every year they put out a new cassette (it was cassettes back in those days; now I?m aging myself) but it was the only song that was always on the cassette. The song is called ?Christmas in the Valley,? and the tapes were ?Christmas in the Valley? Volumes 1, 2, etc. I can?t tell you off the top of my head what year the first one came out, but I was quite young, and every year my parents would buy the new tape. And so it became a staple of my Christmas.

?It?s also played a lot on the radio at home, and my dad would play it with his little local country band. So I can?t have Christmas without this song. It?s just part of the Ottawa Valley Christmas experience, I guess you would say. I?ve only spent one Christmas away from home. When I got married we lived in Saskatoon. We stayed out there one year with my husband?s family, and that?s the one thing I called home for, ?You?re going to have to ship me a tape of Christmas in the Valley or I won?t make it through. I don?t need any of the special food or any of that, but send me my tape.? So my parents did. It?s a great song, it really does capture the magic of Christmas in the valley, the farm, the cattle lowing, and the twinkling of lights on the snow, church bells ringing, it?s a rural song. It captures that picture.?