Silent Night, so delicately rendered for us by a champion guitar player and a gifted accordionist, goes back to 1818. That first performance was played, in fact, on a guitar, as Fr. Joseph Mohr accompanied the choir at midnight mass in a church in Oberndorf, Austria. The original words were, "Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht." Now it?s in hundreds of languages, as the words are sung in that many countries this time of year. The words were by young Fr. Mohr, written a couple of years before that midnight mass. But it was just before Christmas in 1818 that he took his poem to Franz Gruber, who lived in Arnsdorf, and asked him to add melody and guitar accompaniment.

How beautiful to hear it as an instrumental. Bill Mize had this to say about it. ?The reason I chose Silent Night for this, other than it being a timeless classic, was ? no one was doing it! And also, I was experimenting around with it, and discovered a little technique which involved harmonics and string bending, and it seemed to give the song a little bit of an ethereal quality that I liked.? Anne Lalley and Joe Ebel contacted Bill for us and asked him if he had something he?d like to ?work up? for this show. There are moments when something musical makes you stop what you?re doing and be at rest as you listen. This provides one of those.?