When reflecting on this story, David had this to say: ?All my stories are as true as I can make them. With this story I combined several memories into one main theme: that the pets we love deserve the same afterlife as the people we love. My dad and mom had a common sensical feeling toward religion and eventually came around to concede to the gentle philosophy that all living things deserve love and respect and an equal afterlife. A TV show like the Twilight Zone often trips our memories to where we see in its message a passage in our own lives that is parallel, though often in a different universe.

?I've just finished a new dog song ?How I Miss That Dog of Mine,? which was inspired by a resurrected memory of our long haired dachshund, Noodles (good name for a dachshund). I had taken Noodles down to the creek for the pleasure of seeing her swim. I had been told dachshunds made quite a sight swimming with their short legs and long body and I got it into my head that I should see this sight. When Noodles did not jump in the water as I instructed her I picked her up and tossed her in. She swam so quick to the other side I hardly had time to enjoy the sight. Noodles shook herself off in a whirl as dogs are like to do, then she gave me a look that has haunted me to this day. I felt as small as a boy could who had betrayed his best friend for a moment of curiosity. I was ashamed of myself and went to making up the best I could. Abjectly apologizing as I walked her home, I found a space heater in the garage and some towels to dry her off. I didn't think I deserved to be forgiven, but before long Noodles wagged her tail and I knew I was.

?After that if one of my friends mistreated their pet or found turtles in the woods and turned them upside down for fun I would stick up for the helpless creature and make things right if only temporarily. I seem to be on a living creature writing binge this year having written songs about dogs, cats, mice, rats, cows, turtles, weasels and caterpillars.

It all started with a dog, so remember DOG spelled backwards is GOD.?

David Savord, who has contributed many story accompaniments for Ornaments over the years, is a musician and composer based in Sandusky, Ohio.