Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino are the group Magpie, and these are their thoughts: ??Song of the Menorah? is a song we wrote in response to the situation in the Middle East. Not specifically what the United States is doing in the Middle East, but rather the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It?s our hope that there is going to be some just resolution to that conflict after all of these generations. Also, here it is, the time of year we?re supposed to be talking about peace and peacefulness. The Earth is going back into itself; we?re supposed to be going back into ourselves. It?s supposed to be the peaceful time, the restful time of the year. And there?s war. So, whether it?s the war between the Palestinians and the Israelis or any other, war creates this thing which, unfortunately around the holidays, makes people think about war because it?s going on. Especially now with Iraq and Iran and the whole Afghanistan thing. How can people be peaceful and go into themselves and go back to nature with these thoughts? Hopefully this song will help people see this aspect, too. The Menorah, the whole practice of Chanukah, is based on the history of a war for religious freedom. While that is a negative on one side, perhaps it?s a positive on the other side when you consider that yes, they were victorious and yes they were able to establish their freedom of religion. But in this day and age, don?t we all need to basically come to that point where we realize that freedom and respect for other people, and people?s beliefs, or lack of beliefs, is what?s important.?