Photo of Terri by Mary Keating Bruton
The crediting of this song to Martin Luther is dubious. Its first two verses are accepted as being anonymous. The third one may be as well, but its history seems to trace it to Dr. John McFarland in 1904. James R. Murray first published Away In A Manger in 1885, in a Lutheran Sunday School book, and some sources credit him with the melody heard in Terri?s interpretation. There is another, however. A few years after Murray?s publication, William J. Kirkpatrick wrote a different melody for these words. That version is mostly heard in Britain.

Terri?s adventuresome upbringing and independent musical career are what gives her the confidence to be so simple and yet so engaging in putting across this great new arrangement with Lloyd. Her words: ?I chose it because by accident we worked out this version that just seemed to, well, work. We have performed it for years and it fit us and evolved into this piece. I played mandolin and guitar and Lloyd played Dobro and Guitar.