?Getting together with Jim (Photoglo) was a direct and thoughtful suggestion of the woman we were working with at the time, Mary Matthews. He was an old friend of hers. It was the first and only writing experience I?ve ever been a part of where literally I met someone I didn?t know at all for the sole purpose of writing. You meet and then circle one another and figure that out. And it really worked. It actually took three sessions, which is longer than I?m used to. It usually happens pretty quick, but this was pretty pains taking. Writing a Christmas song is quite challenging because there?s nothing new under the sun with that. I just wanted to be able to weave in the traditional and a fresh perspective on it. I think it?s a lovely song, and it still makes me cry, the part about the peace. It?s a good year to play it, I think.

?So then we went about recording it. We were beginning recording for the CD ?The Art Of Virtue.? I had invited Tim O?Brien to come in and do a few songs to see how it went, because I was hoping that he would actually be able to produce the record with us, which, due to time constraints didn?t work out. But he did come in and we did ?Green Sleeves? together, and then we did ?Just Like Christmas.? Actually Jordan McConnell and Tania Elizabeth from The Duhks are playing on this song. It?s Tania and Matt Combs on fiddle, Jordan on guitar, Will Kimbrough on guitar and harmony vocals, and Tim is playing bouzouki on it. It just was one of those lovely studio moments when you don?t know what?s going to happen and it works out perfectly.?

-Adrienne Young