As they formed, Peter Yarrow was, of the three, the driving force in channeling Peter, Paul & Mary?s focus on social justice. But they were all of like minds. From his own writing in the 60s, such as ?The Great Mandella (The Wheel Of Life)? to his solo work, later adopted by the trio, such as ?Weave Me The Sunshine? and ?No Easy Walk To Freedom,? Peter?s words blended with the words of other troubadours such as Woody Guthrie, Lee Hayes and Dylan, and found voice with PP&M together and in their solo work.

So, when a mutual friend approached him for us and asked him to be a part of Ornaments and Icing, he enthusiastically said yes, and offered this tune. His thoughts about it:

?The idea that the riches of the heart, friendship, and family are the important things in life, rather than money, is the basic message of this negro spiritual. It conveys the idea that in this holiday season we must reach for the things that are important to us or, ?We've gotta get a home in that rock.??

Once again, we brought in Evan Lewis?s fine bass.