When Corinne West agreed to be a part of Ornaments and Icing, the choice of a song to offer got her thinking. She asked, ?Has anyone done a New Year?s song?? No, and that would be splendid, was our reply. It?s nice to have one for a holiday show. And songs speak for themselves, so here?s the story of how she was discovered.

Chris Thile and Mike Marshall were playing a concert in San Francisco. After the concert they still had plenty of energy, and were jamming down in the lobby. Corinne West, having attended the show, was watching them play and a friend suggested she join the jam. She said no, of course. But then a stranger handed her his guitar and pick. So, she put on his guitar and walked up to them and, in a fit of boldness, said, ?Can I sing one ... in B??

That?s when she realized the pick she?d been given was ?the size of five quarters,? so she dropped the pick half a dozen times during the song, thought she had thoroughly embarrassed herself, but they asked her to play another. They eventually all exchanged cards and parted company.

The very next day, Mike Marshall was talking to his publicist, discussing album cover art, and the publicist said, ?You really should look at Corinne West?s album.? Mike looks at the cover picture and said, ?I just met her last night!? How does the story end (or, at least continue)? Mike produced her CD for 2007, which features Chris Thile, Tony Furtado and Jerry Douglas.