When asked how ?North Pole Jamboree? came about, Bob Smith offered this:

"When Joe Gunderman of WKSU-FM offered Rio Neon a spot in the nationally syndicated ?Ornaments and Icing? show, we were thrilled ? and terrified. The band had no holiday-oriented material, and the deadline for presenting a finished product was only four weeks away. We stared blankly at each other. Day after day. A week went by.

Sally, our female vocalist, brainstormed some ideas for subject matter for a new tune and shared her concepts with the rest of us. One of her ideas was that Santa and all the North Pole denizens throw a big party each year to celebrate completion of another year?s Christmas work. The idea struck no sparks with me at the time, but the next morning?

As I was cooking breakfast thinking of nothing in particular, lyrics began to appear in my mind. Carpe diem ? I put down the breakfast things, went to the computer and began to write. Thirteen hours later the arrangement of ?North Pole Jamboree? was complete, notated and ready to distribute to the band the next day. The song was received with enthusiasm, not to say relief. Three weeks of intense work followed ending with recording, remix and mastering by John, our violinist. We submitted the finished tune a day early ? for Rio Neon, a kind of holiday miracle."

Bob Smith ? Rio Neon