All it really takes is hearing Raul one time and you think, ?I?ve got to hear him do...? and you fill in a lot of titles. I was visiting WYEP in Pittsburgh, and Raul was performing as part of the grand opening of their new facilities. One of the songs he performed was ?You?re Only Lonely,? solo, with just a nylon string guitar. My friend and I agreed, it took more than nerve to bring back that J.D. Souther song, it took a voice. It took Raul?s voice. The collective reaction was, Wow. Now, that song is the title song of his latest CD release, which is being very well received.

So, naturally, I talked to him afterward, and he thought it would be great to be a part of Ornaments and Icing. I had a suggestion or two of songs I?d like to hear him do, but I would never have come up with this one. And that?s another wonderful part of doing a show like Ornaments. It?s not what I want, it?s what the artist wants. What a great choice, and a song you don?t hear so much.