Photo by Senor McGuire, 2004
Some songs will fool you. This beautiful and somewhat haunting piece first appeared on Nanci?s 1989 album ?Storms.? When blended in with the other descriptive scenes conjured by the music on that album, it may not strike one as a Christmas song. That is, until you listen more closely to what is quite obviously right there in the lyrics. So when Nanci submitted this new recording of one of her old favorites, this time flushed out with an orchestra, it took a moment to realize how wonderful a choice it was. Realization came quickly, though, and Brave Companion is a great addition to Ornaments.

We caught up with her in Nashville at the studios of WPLN, and with help from engineer Scott Smith, we chatted with her about this song, and the larger release it is to be a part of. Hear more of that conversation at this link: