Photo by Mike O'Neal
I don?t think my foot really had all that much to do with this. Or, more specifically, my toe. It was broken, you see, but the medical folks in the Caribbean had given me an entire ankle cast, which immobilized everything down there ... except the broken toe itself. Which still doesn?t explain why I was on crutches.

After their show in Kent, Ohio (this is a photo of that performance), and after signing a lot of autographs and posing for a lot of pictures, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde were making their way away from the dwindling crowd and heading back to pack up the guitars and get out of the venue. It was just about midnight, after all. We?d had a word or two in the thick of the crowd moments before, but now, in a more one-on-one setting, Chad stopped to specifically wish me well with my injury. I thanked him, and asked if I might propose something to him as he strolled (and I ka-lumped) through the empty theater, back toward the stage.

Well, I had their participation in Ornaments and Icing in mind, and I described it, briefly. It turned out he had been working up this interpretation of We Three Kings. He had recorded it and was ?mucking? with it, as it were, but had no outlet for it. His song and our project were waiting to find each other!

That, my friends, is when this show is at its best. Or at least most convenient. What wasn?t convenient was getting Jeremy?s read of ?The Night Before Christmas? from Chad. But telling that story, and the public reading of the e-mails, is best done some other time.

--Joe Gunderman