When we heard The Boulder Acoustic Society would be coming through town, we wondered what kind of holiday tune might they come up with? Upon our asking, Kailin Yong, their fiddle player, arranged this lovely medley. They performed it in our studio, around one stereo microphone.

In his own words, spoken in his native Mandarin, Kailin offers his thoughts. (Brad Jones was kind enough to offer an instant interpretation.)

Listen here:

Here is what Kailin said:

?Dear Listeners,

How is everybody? My name is Kailin Yong. I am the fiddle player of Boulder Acoustic Society. And I hope that our music will bring your festive season a lot of joy and warmth.?

At least that?s what he told us he said. Brad Jones - guitar, Aaron Keim ? ukulele, and Scott Higgins ? percussion, all had different opinions.