Bob and Wendy have done the Ornaments and Icing theme music since the show began. It was also for the first show that those two lovely musicians came in to the studio with me and we worked out, stanza by stanza an appropriate accompaniment for The Night Before Christmas, which we still use. Bob on a hammered dulcimer of his own construction and Wendy on harp, while based in north central Ohio, have been known to play some amazing places. The photo is from a recent gig for rather high brow government types at Mt. Vernon! They didn?t find Mr. Washington?s old toothpicks...

Here is what Wendy told us about our theme music.

"This traditional English carol was collected by Ralph Vaughn Williams. It is a tune of good cheer and is to be sung or played with a sense of movement and/or swing. The word "wassail" comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'wes hal,' meaning 'be whole,' a greeting for 'good health!' The wassailers traveled from house to house singing with a cup, which their hosts were expected to fill.

Our recording was assisted by two sleeping Airedales, two sleeping (not all of the time) felines and three sleeping, but sighted field mice."